About Us

We are the storefront and private, appointment-only tattoo shop formed in 2016 by Dean Williams and Oliver Peck of Elm Street Tattoo. All of the goods sold in the store has been made by members of our community. We offer piercing and microblading services as well. Afton Alexandra works Monday, Thursday and Friday by appointment from 2:30pm - 6pm. After 6pm she accepts walk-ins only. Lucy Machel works Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 2pm - Close accepting walk-ins only. The tattooers at this location are Carl Hallowell, Joe Haasch and Matt Van Cura. To make an appointment, please contact the artists directly.

Afton Alexandra - http://www.aftonalexandra.com/booking-1

Carl Hallowell - carl@carlhallowell.com

Joe Haasch - contact@joehaaschtattoo.com

Matt Van Cura - http://www.mattvancuratattoo.com/contact-1